5 thoughts on “Bias 20 – Drug-Misinfluence Tendency

  1. Carlos Charre says:

    Dont do drugs.

    I’ll give you an example..

    Lets say a young teenager finally discovers what pornography is and starts watching it all throughout his teens. Fast forward to 30 years old / married and has kids … he still watches pornography because it became a negative habit.

    This is just one of many negative examples. .. .. you get the point .

  2. Ron V says:

    This is not very clear or well explained,is this the tendency toward habituation on nonphysically addicting substances or a reinforcement mechanism for a physically addicting substance or something else?

  3. Mark Martin says:

    This is when you supplicate yourself of the pleasures so you can feel good even when you don’t get to do what was needed to do.
    For example, instead of approaching the girl you like, you just imagine yourself talking to her and day dreaming about what could happen. Or instead of dealing with your problems by making solutions or resolve, you drink alcohol so you can numb the pain.
    Using pleasures to cover things up. This bias is supplemented by pain-avoiding psychological denial.

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