2 thoughts on “Bias 4 – Doubt-Avoidance Tendency

  1. Carlos Charre says:

    To avoid this bias, next time when you decide to do something, DONT INSTANTLY believe that it’s the BEST POSSIBLE option for you to do at that exact moment in time.

    Discipline yourself to think before you act, even 50 milliseconds can make the difference between a life-changing decision etc. etc.

  2. Carlos Charre says:

    to add to that, its better to slow down and grasp exactly what it is you’re going to strive to accomplish rather than rush yourself into making a decision and backing out at the last minute because you didn’t know your why for following through.


    You see a pretty girl. You walk towards her and as you’re about to approach her she turns and makes eye contact with you but you decide to look to the left and walk away….

    whatta coward.

    To avoid doubt / avoidance tendency fully plot out your plan so you can efficiently know what your next step is in business, life, success, school, relationships, etc. and that way you can master and conquer the doubt that you will inject to yourself and the doubt you create in others.

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