25 Cognitive Biases - Bias 6 Curiosity Tendency

There is not enough curiosity to learn, even though you receive so many benefits from a continuous learning process. Munger says, “the curious are also provided with much fun and wisdom once formal education has ended.”

Curiosity tendency has been one of the main drivers in human progress throughout history, the amount of curiosity in the human species is much more than any other mammal species

2 thoughts on “Bias 6 – Curiosity Tendency

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  2. Carlos Charre says:

    Drive curiosity into your prospects minds by , like I said in the Reward/Punishment Bias, stating a BIG CLAIM like “i have a proven system to increase your sales by 50% through digital marketing”.

    You’ll spike curiosity and they’ll be more interested in learning about what you do and how you can get them there.

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